My Mona

Mona transforms your kitchen! 

Thanks to the latest digital technology, the kitchen cabinet door becomes a smart kitchen! Manual entry or voice command not only shows favorite recipes on its display; Via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, the Kitchen Smart also offers connectivity to smart kitchen scales, refrigerators, coffee machines, roast thermometers, consumer electronics and more. So you can be inspired by cooking videos and communicate online with family and friends while cooking. A built-in camera enables skyping and chatting, the integrated microphone offers perfect voice control.

That is what distinguishes MONA


Screen (700nits)

She doesn't mind steam

Integrated motion sensor

Access to APP Store

Microphone for voice control

Camera with on/off switch

Free choice of user interface

Integrated hardware


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Hauptstrasse 16

36137 Grossenlueder



Phone. +49 (0) 6648 9178880


In the study “ Germany's Most Desired Products & Services ”, the FAZ Institute analyzed over 87 million customer statements.

With its Smart Mirror solution, Mues-Tec is one of the best products in the Smart Home & Service category.

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