Max the SmarT

If it should be a mirror cabinet

Modern infotainment convenience is integrated in the side mirror door of the cabinet module; Thanks to the Internet connection, multimedia applications such as TV and apps, music, weather information and many other applications can be called up and controlled very easily at the touch of a button on the user-friendly touch panel. A separately switchable camera also allows chat in the morning or evening and can serve as a cosmetic mirror thanks to the zoom function.

Max the SmarT mirror cabinet from Lanzet

SmarT is sold exclusively via Lanzet bathroom furniture.

The highlight: design coordinated with the individual bathroom programs.

  • Multimedia mirror cabinet SmarT.

  • available in various widths and heights from 68 cm.

  • Mirrored doors on both sides.

  • energy-saving lamps and often interchangeable LED lighting.

  • combinable lights and optional ambient lighting or light temperature setting


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