Malin loves style

Malin is developed for the wet area

and can - does not have to - in the bathroom

Right in the bathroom, he lets the day begin with the best entertainment and the latest information. A look at his individually configurable dashboard, a tap on his touchscreen or a command to his voice control and he informs during the morning care about everything that moves the world and about what's coming up today. He can even keep an eye on body weight and test whether the skin needs a little more moisture today.

Only MALIN can do that


Screen (700nits)

IP65 certified

Integrated motion sensor

Access to APP Store

Microphone for voice control

Parking camera

Free choice of user interface

Integrated hardware


Contact us with any question:

Hauptstrasse 16

36137 Grossenlueder



Phone. +49 (0) 6648 9178880


In the study “ Germany's Most Desired Products & Services ”, the FAZ Institute analyzed over 87 million customer statements.

With its Smart Mirror solution, Mues-Tec is one of the best products in the Smart Home & Service category.

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