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Mia- the round smart mirror with light

Beauty - Mia

Mia enchants with LED light

Whether in the bathroom or living room, Mia will be your personal assistant. YouTube, calendar, weather and fitness tracking, Mia is always there for you.

Adjustable light levels in the LED lighting always create the perfect lighting ratio.

Hi, I'm Meli

Pretty much a normal mirror that also controls your smart home

A normal mirror that also controls your Smart Home! One last look in the mirror and out the door. Just turn off the lights and close the roof window, it shows rain in the mirror. Communicate via voice and touch, and don't forget the umbrella!

Meet Marlo 

Your virtual butler developed for the hospitality sector!

A revolutionary platform for digital communication in all areas of the hotel industry - starting with the welcome message, Marllo also invites you to happy hour, lets room service come and takes over the room control. By Tooch or by voice control.

Mona die Küchenfee

Die digitale Schranktür revolutioniert die Küche

Per Fingertouch oder Sprachbefehl erscheinen nicht nur Lieblingsrezepte auf seinem Display; via Bluetooth oder WLAN bietet der Küchen Smart auch Konnektivität zu smarten Küchenwaagen, Kaffeemaschinen und mehr.


the kitchen fairy

The digital cabinet door is revolutionizing the kitchen

Not only favorite recipes appear on the display by touch or voice command; The Bluetooth Smart also offers connectivity to smart kitchen scales, coffee machines and more via Bluetooth or WLAN.

Malin - the rectangular smart mirror in 4 sizes

Malin loves style

With the latest make-up and care tips, joy comes up!

Whether new hairstyle, a special occasion or just a change, Malin accompanies you on your digital journey and is also happy to connect with other bathroom accessories such as toothbrushes, scales, skin testers and more.

The first SmarT

Mirror cabinet "Max" is available exclusively through Lanzet, the traditional German house.

The SmarT "Max" mirror cabinet opens up a new world of technology with more information, service and comfort in the bathroom. A touch screen in the mirror door.

Featured in


Viktoria Thur,

managing director

You can feel their passion & commitment to her creations and her company - live and in videos.

Thorsten Benner,

sales manager

Second in command - with the patience of an angel & valuable technical knowledge - great combo!

Jasmine Glanz,

assistant to the ceo

Her positivity is contageous and the constant urge for more makes her a pure power package.


Development takes place in Müs, a town with 1,100 inhabitants in the Fulda district. In addition to our own developers, we also work with universities and industry to stay on top of the times.


It is a challenge to place such an innovative new product on the market. And so we are forced to think globally and serve customers from Canada to Thailand.


Hardly any project is the same as the next. While we have ready-made sizes for individual purchases in stock, new smart mirrors for projects are constantly being planned and implemented.


It starts with the consultation, lasts through the sale and lasts long over the guarantee period. Service, accessibility and competent employees are fundamental to success.


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In the study “ Germany's Most Desired Products & Services ”, the FAZ Institute analyzed over 87 million customer statements.

With its Smart Mirror solution, Mues-Tec is one of the best products in the Smart Home & Service category.

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